SUSTx Sustainability Training

About Us

At SUSTx, we support UK organisations and businesses on the road towards net zero and sustainable goals through training courses, conferences and business communities.

As part of Govnet Communications, we run hundreds of training courses and train thousands of people every year and are widely regarded as the UK’s leading provider of workshops and training courses for public and private sector organisations.

We are delighted to be able to bring our expertise to the sustainability community, through SUSTx Training.  With an expert team and unrivalled depth of knowledge, we have designed a range of practical and interactive training courses to help those working within sustainability develop the skills and knowledge they need to excel within their roles.



SUSTx, launched during the pandemic in 2021, is the Sustainability division of Partnership Media Group (GovNet), which has been serving the UK public and private sector with events and training for over 25 years.

SUSTx approaches sustainability as a whole-economy challenge and solution, bringing together UK businesses and organisations leaders across sectors and offering real top-level answers and actions.

Our Steering Committee includes experts and thought leaders from organisations such as CDP, Ipsos, Nestle, Costain, Innovate UK…

The clock is ticking for your businesses and organisations to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities the climate crisis brings. Join SUSTx.