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Catriona Brady

Director of Strategy and Development - World Green Building Council

Catriona is the Director of Strategy and Development at the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC).

Her work is focused on the strategic development and implementation of new, global and regional projects and programmes for the WorldGBC network.

In this role, Catriona manages WorldGBC’s global programme on Resources & Circularity in the built environment, dedicated to enhancing resource efficiency and catalysing the circular economy within the building and construction sector.

Additionally, Catriona oversees Better Places for People – a global programme dedicated to health, well-being and social value. This programme aims to help the Green Building Council network achieve a built environment that is healthy and sustainable for people and the planet.

Catriona regularly speaks at high-level events, industry conferences, and webinars. She serves on several expert Task Forces related to sustainability, including health and wellbeing, sustainable infrastructure and the circular economy in the built environment.

Catriona has also authored many notable industry publications, including WorldGBC’s ‘Health & Wellbeing Framework‘ in 2019, WorldGBC’s ‘Sustainable Buildings for Everyone, Everywhere‘ strategy in 2020, and both ‘Beyond Buildings‘ report on sustainable infrastructure and ‘Beyond the Business Case‘ reports in 2021.

Prior to joining WorldGBC in May 2018, Catriona worked in environmental consultancy with experience in energy modelling and strategy, urban master-planning and sustainability, and health-based certification standards.

She is also a fully qualified secondary school teacher, with two years’ experience of teaching Geography (plus an experienced spin instructor).

Catriona has a degree in Geography from the University of St Andrews.

Originally from the west of Scotland, Catriona is currently based in London, UK.