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Jim Ridgwick

Global Head of Procurement - Save the Children

Save the Children is an international charity with over $2bn revenue/funding. It has 25,000 staff operating in over 80 countries.

Jim leads the Procurement function which has ~600 staff and is responsible for $400m of 3rd party, supplier spending. Since leading the function, we have delivered $68m in total, audited financial benefits (4.2% annual cost saving/cost avoidance), exceeding targets every year as well as transforming perceptions of the role and impact of the function.

Personal focus areas include elevating social, economic and environmental sustainability to Save’s core, building a commercially-minded/value for money culture, establishing strategic capabilities/methods from the private/public sectors, creating and implementing a digital strategy, right-sizing/right funding the function to every field office and deploying a comprehensive training certification programme for all 600 staff.

He was also Interim Supply Chain Director (Extended Leadership Team) Q4 2019.